If it looks good wet

When I first started thinking about the concept for the Color Outside The Lines shoot. Just like normal, I started thinking about the final result and what it is I wanted to create. Isn’t that what we have trained ourselves to do? Focus on the “destination”. My original concept was to do something strong and bold or, big and voluminous.  I thought to myself... “Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?” Or more honestly, because I thought that's what other people wanted to see.

As the process started, I called up my makeup artist friend who we have been wanting to work with and do something creative for a while.  She introduced me to our model Anastacia. She’s a strong gorgeous woman from Belarus with a soft and beautiful heart. Just like her, I saw that we could create a bold and beautiful blonde with a soft and refined tone.

The creative process is a lot like the blonding process. You start out with unlimited possibilities and work through your inspiration. Then, because you have a strong foundation of truth and understanding you know your limitations and boundaries. You can decide on where you want to go. Now, the key is to have the patience in the process. Because even though you have a plan, sometimes or (most times), right when you’re in the middle of it you either start doubting yourself or you want to rush the process. You know what I’m talking about!! You know when you plan for a cool beige blonde but your staring at as strong level 9 and it won’t budge? Yup! You think some magic toner is going to fix it. When you dang well know as soon as she washes it with some crappy shampoo it’s going to be GOLD! ( right hairdressers?! )  

Through practice we continue to get better. What I continue to learn is fall in love with the process. What I’m trying to say, is that as much as we try to rush whatever process, the magic happens when you're flexible and fall in love right where they need to be.

So that is the concept of this shoot.

If it looks good Wet...


During this experience I was reminded that it’s NOT about the destination. The magic is in the process. The journey for us hairdressers is we train to ourselves to see color in a whole different way.  We learn to see the possibility of what hair CAN be. I constantly find I am reminding myself...


Stick to the Plan. But go with the Flow


Much Love,
Brooklyn Cardenas

Photo Credit:

Photography- Ian Temple

Hair - Brooklyn Cardenas

Makeup- Anna Macquillier

Model - Anastacia Shumeyko

Studio- The Lofty Project