5 things in my kit I cannot live without

When I'm packing my to kit for any event, I usually will have a good idea of what I need.Even though I tell myself to not over pack, I will always over prepare. I like to have more than enough of everything and back ups - just in case! Like, the one time when I did a wedding in France and the hotel lost all my tools!! Yup, that happened. Now I have some really expensive European tools. So, if you ever need me to travel, Holla!! Even though I like to have it all; here are the things I cannot live without!!


The Essential. Weddings and shoots can be super long hours. I like it all cappuccino, lattes, coffee, cold brew, you name it. Right now I'm loving Iced Coffee with coconut milk. I sip on it throughout the day or when I need a little pick me up.

#2 Dry Shampoo

I have never shown up to a set that had a shampoo bowl. You never know how the client will show up. They could come straight from the gym. I have to be prepared to "make it work!" Dry shampoo is a must!! I love the Paul Mitchell Awaphui dry shampoo foam. It does double duty as it sucks up dirt and oil while leaving the hair smelling amazing! It leaves you with a touchable texture with no residue - which is essential on film.

#3 Powerful Dryer

When styling hair, the prep is the foundation of the look. You need a powerful dryer to dry hair quickly with enough heat to leave the hair polished. I love my PM Neuro Grip. It has an ergonomic design and is light weight for travel. Added bonus - it can be used to create a little wind on set for a Beyonce moment.

#4 Smoothing Iron

Even though I tend to over pack and bring every tool, I can do almost everything with this one iron. It creates waves, curls, crimps, smooths, straightens, bevels, flips, pretty much everything i need it to do. It heats up fast and leaves hair polished.

#5 Dry oil or spray

Hair and skin need moisture. The key to using oil and shine is remembering that a little goes a long way. Typically you don't want a lot of shine on camera, I will have a little dot rubbed into my hands as I'm taking sections to help control frizz. Insider tip - rub down the Thunder Down Under Men with this oil to highlight their muscles. (like they need the extra help)

#6 Accessories

I love having an arsenal of accessories with me. Adding a little something to change up the look and give another attention point. Who doesn't love a little sparkle?