Dirty Girl

As a hairstylist, I have never once heard a guest say, “I love spending 45 min in the morning washing, blow-drying and styling my hair.”

I have also never showed up to a video or photo shoot set that had a shampoo bowl available. Most of the time the model comes from the gym with sweaty, greasy hair and you got to Make It Work!

So, Yes! You too, with the right products and tools to you can create incredible looks in minimal time.

I'm going to teach you all the tips and tricks I have taught my guests for years.  All my dirty girl secrets will lead to.

-Saving time on getting ready in the morning

-Reduced the amount of heat used on you hair

-Keep your hair color from fading or getting brassy from frequent washing

-Have versatility in your style

Whether you want to stretch from every day to every other day or, you want to pick a new technique to your regime. I sure that you can be a dirty girl too!

Day 1- Wash Day

Products Used

Neuro Grip Dryer

413 brush

427 wide brush

Super Skinny serum

Hot of the Press

Express Ion Smoothing Iron

Day 2- Touch Up

Products Used

Dry Wash

Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil

Express Ion Smoothing Iron

Day 3- Half up

Products Used

Neuro Protect spray

Invisablewear Undone Texture Spray

Express Ion Smoothing Iron

Day 4- Big Curls

Products Used

Extra Body Finishing Spray

1.25 inch curling iron

Gloss Drops

Day 5- Touch Up with Texture

Product Used

Marula Rare Oil Treatment

Awapuhi Dry Foam

Express Ion Smoothing Iron

Day 6- Updo with a Braid
Day 7- Top Knot

Products Used

Dry wash

This is the foundation to stretch from 1 day to 2 or, 3 days to 4. But eventually you hair will slow down the production of oil. You can do this!! I want to hear from you!! What do you want to see next??

Much Love,
Brooklyn Cardenas